Bikram Yoga

bonsaiLocated in the middle of the Green Mountains, Bikram Yoga Pittsfield is one of New England’s premier Birkram Yoga studios. At Bikram Yoga Pittsfield they believe any yoga is good yoga, and we invite people with any level of experience to come. Please show up on time to get the most out of each class.

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Liz CotterLiz Cotter - Owner & Founder
Bringing Bikram Yoga to Pittsfield, VT
Liz is a Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor and is the owner of Bikram Yoga Pittsfield. She was trained by Mary Jarvis, one of Bikram’s first students and teachers. Liz also participated in San Francisco/West Coast yoga competition 2003-2005. She is an avid health food advocate and the previous chef and owner of InBloom foods, a high end raw food catering company based out of San Francisco, CA. Liz lives with her husband and two beautiful children in Pittsfield, Vermont.